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Section 4


This section presents data primarily concerning formal education as a whole, at various levels, and for public and private schools. Data shown relate to the schoolage population and school enrollment, educational attainment, education personnel, and financial aspects of education. In addition, da  Read more...

   ACT Program Scores and Characteristics of College-Bound Students
   Advanced Placement Program -- Summary
   Advanced Telecommunications in Private Schools
   Average Amount of Aid Received by Undergraduates Receiving Aid
   Average Salaries for College Faculty Members
   Average Salary and Wages Paid in Public School Systems
   Average Total Price of Attendance of Undergraduate Education
   Bachelor's Degrees Earned by Field
   Children and Youth With Disabilities Served by Selected Programs
   Children Who Speak a Language Other Than English at Home
   Children Whose Parents Are Involved in School Activities
   Children's Access to Home Computer and Use of the Internet at Home
   Children's Involvement in Home Literacy Activities
   Children's School Readiness Skills
   College Enrollment by Selected Characteristics
   College Enrollment by Sex and Attendance Status
   College Enrollment by Sex, Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   College Enrollment of Recent High School Graduates
   College Enrollment--Summary by Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin
   College Freshmen -- Summary Characteristics
   Colleges, Number and Enrollment by State
   Computers for Student Instruction in Elementary and Secondary Schools;
   Degrees and Awards Earned Below Bachelor's by Field
   Degrees Earned by Level and Race/Ethnicity
   Earned Degrees Conferred by Level and Sex,
   Educational Attainment by Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Educational Attainment by Selected Characteristic
   Educational Attainment by State
   Educational Attainment, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex
   Elementary and Secondary Schools--Teachers, Enrollment, and Pupil-Teacher Ratio
   Employees in Higher Education Institutions by Sex and Occupation
   Employment Status of High School Graduates School Dropouts
   Enrollment in Public and Private Schools
   Enrollment Status by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex
   Faculty in Institutions of Higher Education
   Federal Funds for Education and Related Programs
   Federal Student Financial Assistance
   Finances of Public Elementary and Secondary School Systems by Enrollment-Size Group
   First Professional Degrees Earned in Selected Professions
   Foreign (Nonimmigrant) Student Enrollment in College
   Foreign Language Enrollments in Public High Schools
   General Educational Development (GED) Credentials Issued
   High School Dropouts by Race and Hispanic Origin
   High School Dropouts, by Age, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Higher Education Price Indexes
   Higher Education Registrations in Foreign Languages
   Higher Education--Summary
   Institutions of Higher Education -- Charges
   Master's and Doctorate's Degrees Earned by Field
   Mean Earnings by Highest Degree Earned
   Nonfatal Crimes Against Students
   Participation in Adult Education: 1994-95 and
   Preprimary School Enrollment -- Summary
   Private Elementary and Secondary School Teachers -- Selected Characteristics
   Private Schools
   Proficiency Test Scores for Selected Subjects by Characteristic
   Public Charter and Traditional Schools -- Selected characteristics
   Public Elementary and Secondary Estimated Finances, and by State
   Public Elementary and Secondary School Enrollment by Grade
   Public Elementary and Secondary School Enrollment by State
   Public Elementary and Secondary School Price Indexes
   Public Elementary and Secondary School Teachers -- Selected Characteristics
   Public Elementary and Secondary Schools -- Number and Average Salary of Classroom Teachers and by State
   Public Elementary and Secondary Schools and Enrollment -- States
   Public Elementary and Secondary Schools by Type and Size of School
   Public Elementary and Secondary Schools--Summary
   Public High School Graduates by State
   Public School Districts With Alternative Schools or Programs for at-Risk Students
   Public School Employment
   Public School Teachers Using Computers or the Internet for Classroom Instruction During Class Time
   Public Schools With Internet Access
   Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) and Reasoning Test (SAT I) Scores and Characteristics of College-Bound Seniors
   School Enrollment and Enrollment Rate by Age
   School Enrollment and Enrollment Rate by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Age
   School Enrollment Below Postsecondary -- Summary by Sex, Race and Hispanic Origin
   School Enrollment by Control and Level
   School Enrollment by Sex and Level
   School Enrollment, Faculty, Graduates, and Finances, With Projections
   School Enrollment, With Projections
   School Expenditures, by Type of Control and Level of Instruction in Constant (2001-2002) Dollars
   State Appropriations for Higher Education
   Students Reporting Being Threatened or Injured With a Weapon on School Property
   Students Who Are Foreign Born or Who Have Foreign Born Parents
   Students Who Are Homeschooled by Selected Characteristics
   Undergraduates in Postsecondary Institutions Taking Any Distance Education Courses
   Undergraduates Reported Disability Status, by Selected Characteristic
   Voluntary Financial Support of Higher Education
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