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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Mini History > Educational Attainment by Sex (1910 to 2002)
Table HS-22

Educational Attainment by Sex (1910 to 2002)

In percent. As of March, except as indicated. For persons whose educational attainment is known. Noninstitutional population, except 1940, 1950, and 1960 based on resident population

Educational Attainment by Sex (1910 to 2002)                                                  
4 Or More Years Of College1Total2.
4 Years Of High School Or More2Total13.516.419.124.533.134.338.841.643.741.046.348.049.049.951.152.654.055.256.458.259.861.262.564.164.965.967.768.669.771.072.173.373.974.775.676.276.977.678.479.480.280.981.781.782.182.883.484.184.184.1
Female4 Or More Years Of College1(NA)3(NA)3(NA)
4 Years Of High School Or More2(NA)3(NA)3(NA)326.334.736.040.543.345.242.547.548.949.950.851.753.254.455.456.658.259.660.962.163.564.465.
Less Than 5 Years Of Elementary School(NA)3(NA)3(NA)312.49.610.
Less Than 5 Years Of Elementary SchoolTotal23.822.017.513.710.611.
Male4 Or More Years Of College1(NA)3(NA)3(NA)
4 Years Of High School Or More2(NA)3(NA)3(NA)322.731.432.636.938.942.239.545.
Less Than 5 Years Of Elementary School(NA)3(NA)3(NA)315.111.612.310.510.
1 Beginning 1993, bachelor's degree or higher.
2 Beginning 1993, high school graduate or more.
3 Not available.
4 Estimates based on Census Bureau retrojection of 1940 Census data on education; see 1960 Census Mongraph, Education of the American Population," by John K. Folger and Charles B. Nam.
5 April

Except as indicated, U.S. Census Bureau, Current Population Reports, P20-536; and Years of School Completed by People 25 Years Old and Over, by Age and Sex: Selected Years 1940 to 2002, (released 21 March 2003)



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