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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Elections

Section 7


This section relates primarily to presidential, congressional, and gubernatorial elections. Also presented are summary tables on congressional legislation; state legislatures; Black, Hispanic, and female officeholders; population of voting age; voter participation; and campaign fi  Read more...

   Apportionment of Membership in House of Representatives, by State
   Black Elected Officials by Office and State
   Composition of Congress, by Political Party
   Composition of Congress, by Political Party Affiliation--States
   Composition of State Legislatures, by Political Party Affiliation
   Congressional Bills Vetoed
   Congressional Campaign Finances -- Receipts and Disbursements
   Contributions to Congressional Campaigns by Political Action Committees (PAC), by Type of Committee
   Democratic and Republican Percentages of Two-Party Presidential Vote, by Selected Characteristics of Voters
   Electoral Vote Cast for President, by Major Political Party -- States
   Hispanic Public Elected Officials, by Office, 1985 to 2002, and State
   Members of Congress -- Incumbents Re-elected
   Members of Congress--Selected Characteristics
   National Party Non-federal Activity
   Number of Governors, by Political Party Affiliation
   Participation in Elections for President and U.S. Representatives
   Persons Reported Registered and Voted by State
   Political Action Committees -- Financial Activity Summary by Committee Type
   Political Action Committees--Number, by Committee Type
   Political Party Control of State Legislatures, by Party
   Political Party Financial Activity, by Major Political Party
   Popular Vote Cast for President, by Political Party -- States
   Presidential Campaign Finances -- Federal Funds for General Election
   Presidential Campaign Finances-- Primary Campaign Receipts and Disbursements
   Public Confidence Levels in Selected Public and Private Institutions
   Resident Population of Voting-Age and Percent Casting Votes-- States
   U.S. Congress -- Measures Introduced and Enacted and Time in Session
   Vote Cast for and Governor Elected, by State
   Vote Cast for Leading Minority Party Candidates for President
   Vote Cast for President, by Major Political Party
   Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts
   Vote Cast for United States Representatives, by Major Political Party -- States
   Vote Cast for United States Senators, Incumbent Senators, 1984 to 2002 -- States
   Voting-Age Population, Percent Reporting Registered, and Voted
   Women Holding State Public Offices, by Office and State
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