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Guide to Foreign Statistical Abstracts

This bibliography presents recent statistical abstracts for member nations of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and Russia. All sources contain statistical tables on a variety of subjects for the individual countries. Many of thefollowing publications provide text in English as well as in the national language(s). For further information on these publications, contact the named statistical agency which isresponsible for editing the publication.


Australian Bureau of Statistics, Canberra.


Year Book Australia. Annual. 2003. 974 pp. (In English.)


Statistik Austria, A-1033 Wien.


Statistisches Jahrbuch Osterreichs. Annual. 2003. 620 pp. With CD-ROM. (In German.) With English translations of table headings.


Institut National de Statistique, Rue de Louvain; 44-1000 Bruxelles.


National Institute of Statistics (in English)


Statistics Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, KIAOT6


Canada Yearbook: A review of economic, social and political developments in Canada. 2001. 563 pp. Irregular. (In English.)

Czech Republic

Czech Statistical Office, Sokolovska 142,186 04 Praha 8;


Statisticka Rocenka Ceske Rpubliky. 2002. 795 pp. (In English and Czech.)


Danmarks Statistik, Sejrogade 11, 2100 Kobenhavn O.



Statistics Denmark (English version)


Statistics Finland, Helsinki.


Statistical Yearbook of Finland.


Statists Finland (in English)


Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques, Paris 18, Bld. Adolphe Pinard, 75675 Paris (Cedex 14).


Annuaire Statistique de la France.


INSEE - National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies


Statistische Bundesamt, D-65180 Wiesbaden.


Statistisches Jahrbuch fur die Bundesrepublic Deutschland. Annual. 2002.714 pp. (In German.)

Statistisches Jahrbuch fur das Ausland. 2002. 368 pp.


National Statistical Service of Greece, Athens


Concise Statistical Yearbook, 2001. 279 pp. Plus 13 pages of graphs. (In English and Greek.)

Statistical Yearbook of Greece. Annual.2001. 569 pp. Plus 12 pages of graphs. (In English and Greek.)


Hungarian Central Statistical Office, 1024 Budapest



Hungarian Central Statistical Office (English version)


Hagstofa Islands/Statistics Iceland.


Statistics Iceland.


Central Statistics Office, Skehard Road, Cork.


Statistical Yearbook of Ireland. Annual.2002. 423 pp. (In English.)


ISTAT (Istituto Centrale di Statistica);


 Via Cesare Balbo 16 Roma.

Annuario Statistico Italiano. Annual.2001. With CD-ROM. 714 pp. (In Italian.)


Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs Posts and Telecommunications, Japan.


Japan Statistical Yearbook. Annual.2003. 920 pp. (In English and Japanese.)

Korea, South

National Statistical Office, Government Complex, #920 Dunsan-dong Seo-gu Daejeon 302-701.


Korea Statistical Yearbook. Annual.2002. 777 pp. (In Korean and English.)


STATEC (Service Central de la Statistique et des Etudes), P.O. Box 304, L-2013, Luxembourg.


Annuaire Statistique. Annual. 2002. (In French.) (Alphabetical numbering system.)


Instituto Nacional de Estadistica Geografia e Informatica, Av. Heroe Nacozari Num. 2301 Sur Fracc. Jardines del Parque, CP 20270 Aguascalientes, Ags.


Anuario estadistico de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos. Annual. 2002. 727 pp. Also on disc. (In Spanish.)

Agenda Estadistica 2001. 149 pp.


Statistics Netherlands, R L Vellekoop.

Prinses Beatrixiaan 428, 2273 X Z Voorburg


Statistical Yearbook 2003 of the Netherlands.551 pp. (In English.)

Statistisch Jaarboek 2003. 561 pp. With CD-ROM.

New Zealand

Department of Statistics, Wellington.


New Zealand Official Yearbook.Annual.2002. 627 pp. (In English.)


Statistics Norway, Oslo/Kongsvinger.


Statistical Yearbook. Annual. 2002. 537 pp. (In English.)


Central Statistical Office al. Niepodleglosci 208, 00-925 Warsaw.


Concise Statistical Yearbook. 2003.(In Polish and English.)

Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Poland. 2002. (In Polish and English.)


INE (Instituto Nacional de Estatistica.)


Avenida Antonio Jose de Almeida P-1000- 043 Lisboa.

Anuario Estatistico de Portugal.


(English version.)


National Institute of Statistics



State Committee of Statistics of Russia, Moscow.


Statistical Yearbook.2002. 690 pp. (In Russian.)


Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic, Bradacova 7, 852 86 Bratislava.


Statisticka Rocenka Slovensak.


Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic (English version)


INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica); Paseo de la Castellana, 183, Madrid 16.


Espana Anuaria Estadistico. Annual.2002-2003. 768 pp. 16 pages ofgraphs. (In Spanish.)


Statistics Sweden, S-11581 Stockholm.


Statistisk Arsbok for Sverige. (In English and Swedish.)


Bundesamt fur Statistik, Hallwylstrasse 15, CH-3003, Bern

Statistisches Jahrbuch der Schweiz. Annual. 2003. 912 pp. With CD-ROM. (In French and German.)


State Institute of Statistics, Prime Ministry, 114 Necatibey Caddesi, Bakanliklar, Yenisehir, Ankara

Statistical Yearbook of Turkey. 1999.721 pp. (In English and Turkish.)

Turkey in Statistics. 1999. 144 pp. (In English only.)

United Kingdom

The Stationary Office; P.O. Box 29, Norwich, NR3 1GN.


Annual Abstract of Statistics. Annual.2002. 429 pp. (In English.)

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