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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Comparative International Statistics > Gross National Income by Country > Liechtenstein
Table 1333

Gross National Income by Country


1 represents $1,000,000,000. GNI (gross national product, or GNP, in the terminology of the 1968 United Nations System of National Accounts) measures the total domestic and foreign value added claimed by residents. GNI comprises GDP plus net receipts of primary income (compensation of employees and property income) from nonresident sources

Gross National Income by Country                                        
LiechtensteinGnp On Purchasing Power Parity Basis1Per Capita2                            (NA)6          (NA)6
Total3                            0          0
Gros National Income, Purchasing Power Parity Basis (current International $)4             (NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6
Gross National Income5Per Capita2                            (NA)6          (NA)6
Total3                            0          0
Gross National Income, Atlas Method (current Us$)4(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6
Gross National Income, Atlas Method Per Capita2(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6
Gross National Income, Purchasing Power Parity Basis, Per Capita2             (NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6(NA)6
1 The goods and services produced in different countries should be valued consistently if the differences observed are meant to reflect real differences in the volumes of goods and services produced. The use of purchasing power parities (PPP) instead of exchange rates is intended to achieve this objective. PPP's show how many units of currency are needed in one country to buy the same amount of goods and services which one unit of currency will buy in the other country. See text of this section.
2 Dollars.
3 Billions of dollars.
4 (Millions of dollars)
5 Gross national product calculated using the World Bank Atlas method. This involves using a three-year average of exchange rates to smooth the effects of transitory exchange rate fluctuations.
6 Not available. Z Less than $500 million.

The World Bank, Washington, DC, World Development Indicators CD-ROM, annual (copyright).


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