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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Health and Nutrition

Section 3

Health and Nutrition

This section presents statistics on health expenditures and insurance coverage, including medicare and medicaid, medical personnel, hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities, injuries, diseases, disability status, nutritional intake of the population, and food consumption. Summary st  Read more...

   Active Nonfederal Physicians and Nurses by State
   AIDS Cases Reported, by Patient Characteristic
   AIDS, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, and Measles Cases Reported, by State
   Ambulatory Care Visits to Physicians Offices and Hospital Outpatient and Emergency Departments
   Annual Receipts/Revenue for Health Care Industries
   Average Annual Expenditures Per Consumer Unit for Health Care
   Average Cost to Community Hospitals Per Patient
   Cancer -- Estimated New Cases and Deaths by State
   Cancer -- Estimated New Cases, and Survival Rates
   Children Immunized Against Specified Diseases
   Community Hospitals -- States
   Consumer Price Indexes of Medical Care Prices
   Costs of Unintentional Injuries
   Cumulative Percent Distribution of Population by Height and Sex
   Current Cigarette Smoking
   Current Cigarette Smoking by Sex and State
   Disability Status of Population by City
   Disability Status of Population by Metropolitan Area
   Disability Status of Population by State
   Drug Use by Type of Drug and Age Group
   Elderly Home Health Patients
   Employment in the Health Service Industries
   Estimated Persons Living With Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) by Selected Characteristics
   Estimated Use of Selected Drugs by State
   Health Insurance Coverage Status by Selected Characteristics
   Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs)
   Health Professions -- Practitioners and Schools
   Health Services and Supplies -- Per Capita Consumer Expenditures by Object
   Home Health and Hospice Care Agencies by Selected Characteristics
   Home Health and Hospice Care Patients by Selected Characteristics
   Hospital Care and Physician and Clinical Service Expenditures by Source of Payment
   Hospital Discharges and Days of Care
   Hospital Discharges and Days of Care, by Sex
   Hospital Use Rates, by Type of Hospital
   Hospital Utilization Measures for HIV Patients
   Hospital Utilization Rates, by Sex
   Hospitals -- Summary Characteristics
   Households and Persons Having Problems with Access to Food
   Injuries Associated With Consumer Products
   Injury and Poisoning Episodes and Conditions by Age and Sex
   Medicaid -- Recipients and Payments
   Medicaid Managed Care Enrollment by State and Other Areas
   Medicaid--Selected Characteristics of Persons Covered
   Medicaid--Summary by State and Other Areas
   Medical Care Benefits of Workers by Type and Amount of Employee Contribution
   Medical Practice Characteristics by Selected Specialty
   Medicare -- Estimated Benefit Payments by State
   Medicare -- Summary, by State and Other Areas
   Medicare Benefits by Type of Provider
   Medicare Disbursements by Type of Beneficiary
   Medicare Enrollees
   Medicare Trust Funds
   Mental Health Facilities--Summary by Type of Facility
   National Health Expenditures -- Summary
   National Health Expenditures by Object
   National Health Expenditures by Type
   Nursing Home Residents 65 Years Old and Over by Selected Characteristics
   Nursing Homes -- Selected Characteristics
   Nutrition -- Nutrients in Foods Available for Consumption Per Capita Per Day
   Organ Transplants and Grafts
   Other Medicare Providers and Suppliers Selected Years
   Outpatient Prescription Drug Benefits -- Selected Features
   People Without Health Insurance for the Entire Year by Selected Characteristics
   Per Capita Consumption of Major Food Commodities
   Per Capita Consumption of Selected Beverages by Type
   Per Capita Utilization of Selected Commercially Produced Fruits and Vegetables
   Percent Distribution of Number of Visits to Health Care Professionals by Age, Sex, and Race
   Percent of U.S. Adults Who Were Overweight and Percent Who Were Obese
   Percent of Workers Participating in Health Care Benefit Programs and Percent of Participants Required to Contribute
   Percentage of Adults Engaging in Leisure Time Physical Activity
   Personal Health Care -- Third Party Payments and Private Consumer Expenditures
   Personal Health Care Expenditures by Object and Source of Payment
   Personal Health Care Expenditures by State and by Selected Object
   Persons 65 Years Old and Over With Limitation of Activity Caused by Chronic Conditions
   Persons Enrolled in Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO's) by State
   Persons With and Without Health Insurance Coverage by State
   Persons With Limitation of Activity Caused by Chronic Conditions
   Physicians by Selected Activity
   Procedures for Inpatients Discharged From Short-Stay Hospitals
   Public Expenditures for Health Services and Supplies
   Receipts for Selected Health Service Industries by Source of Revenue
   Registered Nurses by Employment Status
   Retail Prescription Drug Sales
   Sources of Calcium, Iron, and Cholesterol in the U.S. Food Supply
   Specified Reportable Diseases -- Cases Reported
   State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)-Enrollment and Expenditures by State
   Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities and Clients
   Use of Mammography for Women 40 Years Old and Over by Patient Characteristics
   Visits to Hospital Emergency Departments by Diagnosis
   Visits to Office-Based Physicians and Hospital Outpatient Departments by Diagnosis
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