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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Information and Communications > Information Services and Data Processing Services -- Estimated Revenue
Table 1151

Information Services and Data Processing Services -- Estimated Revenue

In millions of dollars (46,994 represents $46,994,000,000), except percent. For taxable and tax-exempt employer firms. Covers NAICS 514. Except where indicated, stimates adjusted to results of the 1997 Economic Census. Based on the North American Industry Classification System; see text, this section, and Section 15, Business Enterprise. Minus sign (-) indicates decrease

Information Services and Data Processing Services -- Estimated Revenue1    
All Other Information Services (naics 514199)2RevenueAdvertising(NA)3(NA)3(NA)31,778
Information Search Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3803
Internet Access Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Internet Telecommunications Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Newspaper Clipping Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Other Services Revenue(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3239
Stock Photo Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3810
Video And Audio Streaming Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Web Hosting And Design(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Data Processing Services (naics 5142)RevenueApplication Service Provisioning(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3837
Business Process Management(NA)3(NA)3(NA)314,709
Collocation Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Data Management Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)33,832
Data Storage Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3113
Information And Document Transformation(NA)3(NA)3(NA)31,204
Information Technology Consulting Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)32,282
Information Technology Design And Development(NA)3(NA)3(NA)314,305
Other Services Revenue(NA)3(NA)3(NA)37,375
Rental And Leasing Of Computer Hardware(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Software Publishing(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3599
Video And Audio Streaming Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)345
Web Site Hosting(NA)3(NA)3(NA)31,204
Libraries And Archives (naics 51412)RevenueFees And Dues From Providing Access To Collections(NA)3(NA)3(NA)341
Fees From Educational Workshops And Seminars(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Other Services Revenue(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3248
Sales Of Books And Other Educational Materials(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Subsidies, Contributions, Gifts, And Grants(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3821
News Syndicates (naics 51411)RevenueFees From Supplying Information(NA)3(NA)3(NA)31,871
Other Services Revenue(NA)3(NA)3(NA)389
On-line Information Services (naics 514191)RevenueAdvertising(NA)3(NA)3(NA)33,867
Application Service Provisioning(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Business Process Management(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3272
Information Technology Consulting Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3320
Information Technology Design And Development(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3212
Internet Access Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)315,563
Internet Backbone Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Internet Telecommunications Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3295
Other Services Revenue(NA)3(NA)3(NA)33,320
Video And Audio Streaming Services(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3(S)
Web Site Hosting(NA)3(NA)3(NA)3994
Total (naics 514)46,99460,10576,52482,316
1 Quantities in millions.
2 Estimates have not been adjusted to the results of the 1997 Economic Census.
3 Not available. S Data do not meet publication standards.

U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2001 Service Annual Survey, Information Sector Services, and prior issues. See Internet site (released February 2003)


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