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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Mini History > Native and Foreign-Born Population by Place of Birth (1900 to 2000)
Table HS-10

Native and Foreign-Born Population by Place of Birth (1900 to 2000)

1950-2000 census data are based on a sample; 1994-2000, based on the Current Population Survey; see source for sampling variability

Native and Foreign-Born Population by Place of Birth (1900 to 2000)                 
CensusForeign BornFromAsiaNumber1120191238276(NA)4(NA)44918252,5404,979      8,226
Percent Distribution0.      2.9
EuropeNumber18,88211,81011,91611,748(NA)4(NA)47,2565,7415,1504,350      4,916
Percent Distribution11.712.811.39.6(NA)4(NA)      1.7
Latin AmericaNumber1137280589792(NA)4(NA)49081,8044,3728,408      16,087
Percent Distribution0.      5.7
Total2Number110,34113,51613,92114,20411,59510,3479,7389,61914,08019,767      31,108
Percent Distribution13.614.713.      11.1
Native PopulationBorn AbroadBorn Abroad Or At Sea Of American ParentsNumber1676893131122964021,3701,0551,864      1,921
Percent Distribution0.      0.7
Born In Outlying Areas3Number137381361573306608911,0881,382      1,607
Percent Distribution 5 5      0.6
TotalNumber170751312672794261,0622,2612,1433,247      3,528
Percent Distribution0.      1.3
Born In The U.S. TotalNumber165,58378,38191,659108,304119,795139,442168,526191,329210,323225,696      246,786
Percent Distribution86.385.286.788.291.092.894.094.292.890.7      87.7
TotalNumber165,65378,45691,790108,571120,074139,869169,588193,591212,466228,943      250,314
Percent Distribution86.485.386.888.491.293.194.695.393.892.1      88.9
Total PopulationNumber175,99591,972105,711122,775131,669150,216179,326203,210226,546248,710      281,422
Percent Distribution100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0      100.0
Current Population SurveyForeign BornFromAsiaNumber1          (NA)4(NA)46,5726,8227,0157,1617,246
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
EuropeNumber1          (NA)4(NA)44,1264,2974,3434,2474,355
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Latin AmericaNumber1          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)414,477
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Total2Number1          22,56922,99024,55725,77926,28126,44828,379
Percent Distribution
Native PopulationBorn AbroadBorn Abroad Or At Sea Of American ParentsNumber1          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Born In Outlying Areas3Number1          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
TotalNumber1          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Born In The U.S. TotalNumber1          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
Percent Distribution          (NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4(NA)4
TotalNumber1          237,184239,115239,757241,014242,813245,295245,708
Percent Distribution          91.391.290.790.390.290.389.6
Total PopulationNumber1          259,753262,105264,314266,792269,094271,743274,087
Percent Distribution          100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0100.0
1 Thousands
2 Includes other regions not shown separately.
3 Includes Puerto Rico for all years and prior to 1960 includes Alaska and Hawaii.
4 Not available.
5 Represents or rounds to zero.

U.S. Census Bureau, Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population of the United States: 1850 to 1990, Working Paper No. 29, February 1999; and American FactFinder, QT-P14, Nativity, Citizenship, Year of Entry, and Region of Birth: 2000, and P21, Place of Birth by Citizenship Status, (accessed 05 May 2003), Census 2000 Summary File 3 (SF3)-Sample Data, United States; and Current Population Survey, Current Population Reports, Series P20, No. 486, 494, 519, and 534, and Series P23-195. See also and .





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