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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Vital Statistics

Section 2

Vital Statistics

This section presents vital statistics data on births, deaths, abortions, fetal deaths, fertility, life expectancy, marriages, and divorces. Vital statistics are compiled for the country as a whole by the NationalCenter for Health Statistics (NCHS) and published in its annual report, Vital St  Read more...

   Abortions -- Number, Rate, and Abortion/Live Birth Ratio by State
   Abortions, by Selected Characteristics
   Abortions--Number, Rate, and Ratio, by Race
   Age-Adjusted Death Rates by Race and Sex
   Birth Rates, by Live-Birth Order and Race
   Births and Birth Rates, by Race, Sex, and Age
   Births to Teens, Unmarried Mothers, and Prenatal Care:
   Births to Unmarried Women, by Race of Child and Age of Mother
   Characteristics of Women Who Have Had a Child in the Last Year
   Contraceptive Use by Women, 15 to 44 Years of Age
   Death Rates by Age
   Death Rates by Hispanic Origin, Age and Sex
   Death Rates for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disease, by Race Sex and Age
   Death Rates for Major Causes of Death by State
   Death Rates for Malignant Neoplasms by Sex, Race and Age
   Death Rates for Suicide, by Race and Sex
   Death Rates From Cerebrovascular Diseases by Sex and Age
   Death Rates from Heart Disease by Sex, Age, and Race
   Deaths -- Life Years Lost and Mortality Costs, by Age, Sex, and Cause
   Deaths and Death Rates by Leading Causes of Death and Age
   Deaths and Death rates by Selected Causes
   Deaths and Death Rates, by Major Cause
   Deaths and Death Rates, by Sex and Race
   Deaths and Death Rates, by State and Outlying Area
   Deaths, Death Rates, by Selected Causes and Selected Characteristics
   Expectation of Life and Expected Deaths, by Race, Sex, and Age
   Expectation of Life at Birth and Projections
   Infant Mortality Rates by Race -- States and Outlying Areas
   Infant, Maternal, and Neonatal Mortality Rates and Fetal Mortality Ratios by Race
   Live Births by Place of Delivery, Median and Low-Birth Weight, and Prenatal Care
   Live Births by Plurality of Birth and Ratios, and Race of Mother
   Live Births, by Race and Type of Hispanic Origin -- Selected Characteristics:
   Live Births, Deaths, Marriages, and Divorces
   Live Births--Number and Rate, by State
   Low Birth Weight and Births to Teenage Mothers and to Unmarried Women -- States
   Marriages and Divorces -- Number and Rate, by State
   Method of Delivery by Race
   Percent Low Birthweight, by Smoking Status, Age, and Race of Mother
   Projected Fertility and Birth Rates, by Race, Origin, and Age Group
   Selected Life Table Values
   Teenagers -- Births and Birth Rates, by Race and Age
   Total Fertility Rate and Intrinsic Rate of Natural Increase
   Women Who Have Had a Child in the Last Year, by Age
   Women Who Have Had a Child in the Last Year, by Age and Labor Force Status
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