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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Elections > Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts > Connecticut
Table 404

Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts


In some States the Democratic and Republican vote includes votes cast for the party candidate by endorsing parties. FIPS=Federal Information Processing Standards

Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts1      
Connecticut1stDemocratic CandidateNameKENNELLY, BARBARA BKennelly, Barbara BKennellyLarsonLarsonLarson
Percent Of Total6773.473.558.171.966.79
Vote Cast2165139158,222 151,932134,698
Other Votes Cast263    
Republican CandidateNameSTEELE, PHILIP LPutman, DouglasSleathO'connorBacklundSteele
Percent Of Total3124.824.941.428.133.20
Vote Cast2754753,666 59,33166,968
Total Vote Cast2245189 168211,263201,688
2dDemocratic CandidateNameGEJDENSON, SAMUELGejdenson, SamuelGejdensonGejdensonGejdensonCourtney
Percent Of Total5142.651.661.049.445.91
Vote Cast212379115,175 111,52099,674
Other Votes Cast2028    
Republican CandidateNameMUNSTER, EDWARD WMunster, Edward WMunsterKovalSimmonsSimmons
Percent Of Total4942.544.935.550.654.09
Vote Cast211979100,332 110,239117,434
Total Vote Cast2243186 163225,900217,108
3dDemocratic CandidateNameDELAURO, ROSA LDelauro, Rosa LDelauroDelauroDelauroDelauro
Percent Of Total6663.471.371.371.965.58
Vote Cast2163111150,798 156,910121,557
Other Votes Cast200    
Republican CandidateNameSCOTT, THOMASJohnson, SusanCoppolaReustGoldElser
Percent Of Total3436.628.127.427.529.54
Vote Cast2856459,335 60,03754,757
Total Vote Cast2248175 154218,205185,364
4thDemocratic CandidateNameSCHROPFER, DAVEKantrowitz, JonathanFinchKantrowitzSanchezSanchez
Percent Of Total2723.837.629.940.935.57
Vote Cast2593575,902 84,47262,491
Other Votes Cast2133    
Republican CandidateNameSHAYS, CHRISTOPHERShays, ChristopherShaysShaysShaysShays
Percent Of Total6774.460.569.157.664.43
Vote Cast2148109121,949 119,155113,197
Total Vote Cast2220147 137206,758175,695
5thDemocratic CandidateNameLAWLOR, JAMES JMaloney, JamesMaloneyMaloneyMaloneyMaloney
Percent Of Total3145.552.049.953.643.26
Vote Cast27582111,974 118,93290,616
Other Votes Cast2614    
Republican CandidateNameFRANKS, GARY AFranks, Gary AFranksNielsenNielsenJohnson
Percent Of Total4452.245.948.444.354.25
Vote Cast21059398,782 98,229113,626
Total Vote Cast2240179 157221,821209,454
6thDemocratic CandidateNameSLASON, EUGENE FKoskoff, CharlotteKoskoffKoskoffValenti 
Percent Of Total2531.548.939.632.9 
Vote Cast26061111,433 75,471 
Other Votes Cast2129    
Republican CandidateNameJOHNSON, NANCY LJohnson, Nancy LJohnsonJohnsonJohnson 
Percent Of Total7063.949.658.162.6 
Vote Cast2167123113,020 143,698 
Total Vote Cast2240193 175229,543 
Democratic CandidateName (X)3(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Percent Of Total4547.4(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Vote Cast2644506(X)3 (X)3 
Other Votes Cast29247    
Republican CandidateName (X)3(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Percent Of Total4948.3(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Vote Cast2699516(X)3 (X)3 
Total Vote Cast21,4351,069  (X)3 
1 (X) - Not applicable.
2 Thousands
3 Not applicable.

1992, Elections Research Center, Chevy Chase, MD, America Votes, biennial, (copyright), and 1994, Congressional Quarterly Inc., Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, vol. 53, No. 15, April 15, 1995. (copyright).


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