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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Elections > Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts > Wisconsin
Table 404

Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts


In some States the Democratic and Republican vote includes votes cast for the party candidate by endorsing parties. FIPS=Federal Information Processing Standards

Vote Cast for United States Representatives by Major Political Party--Congressional Districts1      
Wisconsin1stDemocratic CandidateNameASPIN, LESBarca, PeterSpottswood, Lydia CSpottswoodThomasThomas
Percent Of Total5848.849.042.733.330.63
Vote Cast214783114,148 88,88563,895
Other Votes Cast243    
Republican CandidateNameNEUMANN, MARK WNeumann, Mark WNeumann, Mark WRyanRyanRyan
Percent Of Total4149.450.957.166.667.19
Vote Cast210484118,408 177,612140,176
Total Vote Cast2256170 190266,791208,613
2dDemocratic CandidateNameDEER, ADA EHecht, ThomasSoglin, Paul RBaldwinBaldwinBaldwin
Percent Of Total3728.741.052.551.466.01
Vote Cast210855110,467 163,534163,313
Other Votes Cast214    
Republican CandidateNameKLUG, SCOTT LKlug, Scott LKlug, Scott LMusserSharplessGreer
Percent Of Total6369.257.446.7(NA)433.83
Vote Cast2183134154,557  83,694
Total Vote Cast2293193 222318,380247,410
3dDemocratic CandidateNameSACIA, PAULStower, HarveyKind, RonKindKindKind
Percent Of Total4241.052.071.563.762.82
Vote Cast210966121,967 173,505131,038
Other Votes Cast255    
Republican CandidateNameGUNDERSON, STEVENGunderson, StevenHarsdorf, JimBrechlerTullyArndt
Percent Of Total5655.747.828.435.933.54
Vote Cast214789112,146 97,74169,955
Total Vote Cast2260160 179272,212208,581
4thDemocratic CandidateNameKLECZKA, GERALD DKleczka, Gerald DKleczka, Gerald DKleczkaKleczkaKleczka
Percent Of Total6653.757.657.960.886.32
Vote Cast217394134,470 163,622122,031
Other Votes Cast253    
Republican CandidateNameCOOK, JOSEPH LReynolds, TomReynolds, TomReynoldsRiener 
Percent Of Total3244.842.242.037.8 
Vote Cast2857898,438 101,811 
Total Vote Cast2264175 183269,265141,367
5thDemocratic CandidateNameBARRETT, THOMAS MBarrett, Thomas MBarrett, Thomas MBarrettBarrett 
Percent Of Total6962.473.378.277.7 
Vote Cast216288141,179 173,893 
Other Votes Cast212    
Republican CandidateNameHAMMERSMITH, DONALD AHollingshead, StephenMelotik, Paul DMelvinSmithSensenbrenner
Percent Of Total3036.424.621.622.086.13
Vote Cast2715147,384 49,296191,224
Total Vote Cast2234141 155223,852222,012
6thDemocratic CandidateNameLAUTENSCHLAGER, PEGGY A Lindskoog, Alver Flaherty 
Percent Of Total47 23.9 34.9 
Vote Cast2128 55,377 96,125 
Other Votes Cast201    
Republican CandidateNamePETRI, THOMAS EPetri, Thomas EPetri, TomPetriPetriPetri
Percent Of Total53(NA)473.092.665.099.22
Vote Cast2144119169,213 179,205169,834
Total Vote Cast2272(NA)4 156275,605171,161
7thDemocratic CandidateNameOBEY, DAVID RObey, David RObey, David RObeyObeyObey
Percent Of Total6454.357.060.663.364.21
Vote Cast216697137,428 173,007146,364
Other Votes Cast200    
Republican CandidateNameVANNES, DALE RWest, ScottWest, ScottWestCroninRothbauer
Percent Of Total3645.742.939.336.735.76
Vote Cast29282103,365 100,26481,518
Total Vote Cast2258179 191273,460227,955
8thDemocratic CandidateNameHELMS, CATHERINE LGruszynski, StanJohnson, Jay WJohnsonReichBecker
Percent Of Total3036.352.045.425.323.89
Vote Cast28265129,551 71,57550,284
Other Votes Cast200    
Republican CandidateNameROTH, TOBYRoth, TobyProsser Jr., David TGreenGreenGreen
Percent Of Total7063.747.954.674.672.58
Vote Cast2192114119,398 211,388152,745
Total Vote Cast2274179 206283,294210,447
9thDemocratic CandidateNameBUXTON, INGRID K Brenholt, Floyd Clawson 
Percent Of Total28 25.5 25.9 
Vote Cast277 67,740 83,720 
Other Votes Cast270    
Republican CandidateNameSENSENBRENNER, F. JAMESSensenbrenner, F. JamesSensenbrenner Jr., F. JamesSensenbrennerSensenbrenner, Jr 
Percent Of Total70(NA)474.491.374.0 
Vote Cast2193142197,910 239,498 
Total Vote Cast2277(NA)4 192323,455 
Democratic CandidateName (X)3(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Percent Of Total48(NA)4(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Vote Cast21,154548(X)3 (X)3 
Other Votes Cast22318    
Republican CandidateName (X)3(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Percent Of Total51(NA)4(X)3(X)3(X)3 
Vote Cast21,211893(X)3 (X)3 
Total Vote Cast22,388(NA)4    
1 (X) - Not applicable.
2 Thousands
3 Not applicable.
4 Not available.

1992, Elections Research Center, Chevy Chase, MD, America Votes, biennial, (copyright), and 1994, Congressional Quarterly Inc., Congressional Quarterly Weekly Report, vol. 53, No. 15, April 15, 1995. (copyright).


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