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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2000 Edition > Geography and Environment

Section 6

Geography and Environment

This section presents a variety of information on the physical environment of the United States, starting with basic area measurement data and ending with climatic data for selected weather stations around the country. The subjects covered between those points are mostly concerned with en  Read more...

   Air Pollutant Emissions, by Pollutant and Source
   Average Number of Days With Precipitaion of .01 Inch or More -- Selected Cities
   Curbside Recycling Programs--Number and Population Served, by Region
   Emissions of Greenhouse Gases, by Type and Source
   Environmental Industry -- Revenues and Employment, by Industry Segment
   Extreme and Mean Elevations, by State and Other Areas
   Flows of Largest U.S. Rivers -- Length, Discharge, and Drainage Area
   Generation and Recovery of Selected Materials in Municipal Solid Waste
   Hazardous Waste Sites on the National Priority List, by State and Outlying Area
   Highest and Lowest Temperatures and Record Precipitation, by State Through 1998
   ighest Temperature of Record -- Selected Cities
   Land and Water Area of States and Other Entities
   Land Cover/Use by State
   Lowest Temperature of Record -- Selected Cities
   Major U.S. Weather Disasters by Estimated Costs and Deaths
   Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recovery, and Disposal
   National Air Pollutant Emissions
   National Ambient Air Pollutant Concentrations, by Type of Pollutant
   National Ambient Water Quality in Rivers and Streams -- Violation Rate
   Normal Daily Mean Temperature -- Selected Cities
   Normal Monthly and Annual Precipitation -- Selected Cities
   Oil Spills in U.S. Water--Number and Volume
   Snow and Ice Pellets -- Selected Cities
   Sunshine, Average Wind Speed, Mean Number of Days Minimum Temperature Below 32 Degrees Fahrenheit, and Average Relative Humidity--Selected Cities
   Threatened and Endangered Wildlife and Plant Species -- Number
   Tornadoes, Floods, Tropical Storms, and Lightning
   Total and Federally Owned Land, and by State
   Toxic Chemical Releases and Transfers by Media
   Toxic Chemical Releases by Industry
   Toxic Releases, by State
   U.S. Water Withdrawals and Consumptive Use Per Day, by End Use
   Urban and Built-up Land Use by State and Other Area
   Wastewater Treatment Facilities
   Water Areas for Selected Major Bodies of Water
   Water Withdrawals and Consumptive Use -- States and Other Areas
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