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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2000 Edition > Social Insurance and Human Services

Section 12

Social Insurance and Human Services

This section presents data related to governmental expenditures for social welfare; governmental programs for old-age, survivors, disability, and health insurance (OASDHI); governmental employee retirement; private pension plans; government unemployment and temporary disability insurance; Federal su  Read more...

   401(k) Plans--Summary
   Cash and Noncash Benefits for Persons With Limited Income
   Charity Contributions--Average Dollar Amount and Percent of Household Income, by Age of Respondent and Household Income
   Charity Contributions--Percent of Households Contributing, by Dollar Amount and Type of Charity
   Child Support Enforcement Program--Caseload and Collections
   Child Support--Award and Recipiency Status of Custodial Parents
   Community Service Participation of Students in Grades 6 Through 12
   Federal Civil Service Retirement
   Federal Food Programs
   Federal Food Stamp and National School Lunch Programs, by State
   Food Stamp Households and Participants--Summary
   Foundations-- Grants Reported by Subject Field and Recipient Organization
   Foundations--Number and Finances by Asset Size
   Government Expenditures for Income-Tested Benefits by Type of Benefit
   Head Start--Enrollment and Congressional Appropriations
   Households Receiving Means-Tested Noncash Benefits
   Licensed Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Providers, by State
   Number of Families Receiving Specified Sources of Income by Characteristic of Householder and Family Income
   Pension Plan Coverage of Workers by Selected Characteristics
   Percent of Adult Population Doing Volunteer Work
   Percent of Full-Time Employees Participating in Retirement Plans
   Persons With Work Disability, by Selected Characteristics
   Private Pension Plans--Summary, by Type of Plan
   Private Philanthropy Funds by Source and Allocation:
   Public Employee Retirement Systems--Participants and Finances
   Public Income-Maintenance Programs--Cash Benefit Payments
   Regular Child Care Arrangements for Children Under 6 Years Old by Type of Arrangement
   Selected Characteristics of Food Stamp Households and Participants
   Social Security (OASDI)--Benefits, by Type of Beneficiary
   Social Security Trust Funds
   Social Security-- Covered Employment, Earnings, and Contribution Rates
   Social Security--Beneficiaries, Annual Payments, and Average Monthly Benefit, and by State and Other Areas
   Social Welfare Expenditures by Source of Funds and Public Program
   Social Welfare Expenditures Under Public Programs
   Social Welfare Expenditures Under Public Programs as Percent of GDP and Total Government Outlays
   State and Local Government Retirement Systems-- Beneficiaries and Finances
   State Unemployment Insurance, by State and Other Area
   State Unemployment Insurance--Summary
   Supplemental Security Income (SSI)--Recipients and Payments, by State and Other Area
   Supplemental Security Income--Recipients and Payments
   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)--Families and Recipients
   Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)--Recipients by State and Other Areas
   Vocational Rehabilitation--Summary
   Workers' Compensation Payments
   Workers' Compensation Payments, by State
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