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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Banking, Finance, and Insurance

Section 25

Banking, Finance, and Insurance

This section presents data on the nation’s finances, various types of financial institutions, money and credit, securities, insurance, and real estate. The primary sources of these data are publications of several departments of the federal government, especially the Treasury Department, and in  Read more...

   Annual Revenues of Selected Securities Industries by Kind of Business
   Assets of Private and Public Pension Funds, by Type of Fund
   Automobile Insurance -- Average Expenditures Per Insured Vehicle, by State
   Average Premiums For Renters and Homeowners Insurance by State
   Bond Yields
   Characteristics of Conventional First Mortgage Loans for Purchase of Single-Family Homes
   Characteristics of Equity Owners
   Characteristics of Mutual Fund Owners
   Commercial Paper Outstanding by Type of Company
   Consumer Credit Outstanding and Finance Rates
   Consumer Payment Systems by Method of Payment
   Credit Cards -- Holders, Number, Spending, and Debt
   Debit Cards -- Number, Transactions, and Volume
   Dow-Jones U.S. Equity Market Index by Industry
   Equities, Corporate Bonds, and Municipal Securities -- Holdings and Net Purchases by Type of Investor
   FDIC-Insured Financial Institutions -- Income and Selected Measures of Financial Condition
   FDIC-Insured Financial Institutions by Asset Size
   FDIC-Insured Financial Institutions--Number and Assets by State
   FDIC-Insured Financial Institutions--Number of Offices and Deposits by State
   FDIC-Insured Financial Institutions--Number, Assets and Liabilities
   Federal and State-Chartered Credit Unions -- Summary
   Finance and Insurance -- Establishments, Employees, and Payroll
   Financial Assets Held by Families by Type of Asset
   Financial Debt Held by Families by Type of Debt
   Flow of Funds Accounts -- Assets of Households
   Flow of Funds Accounts--Business Credit Market Debt Outstanding by Type of Instrument
   Flow of Funds Accounts--Credit Market Debt Outstanding
   Flow of Funds Accounts--Financial Assets and Liabilities of Foreign Sector
   Flow of Funds Accounts--Financial Assets of Financial and Nonfinancial Institutions by Holder Sector
   Flow of Funds Accounts--Liabilities of Households
   Foreign Holdings of U.S. Securities by Country
   Foreign Purchases and Sales of U.S. Securities, by Type of Security and Selected Country
   Gross Domestic Product in Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate, in Current and Real (1996) Dollars
   Household Debt-Service Payments as a Percentage of Disposable Personal Income
   Household Ownership of Equities
   Household Ownership of Mutual Funds by Age and Income
   Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) Plans -- Value by Institution
   Insured Commercial Banks -- Delinquency Rates and Charge-Off Rates on Loans
   Life Insurance in Force and Purchases in the United States--Summary
   Money Market Interest Rates and Mortgage Rates
   Money Stock
   Mortgage Debt Outstanding by Type of Property and Holder
   Mortgage Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates
   Mutual Fund Retirement Assets
   Mutual Fund Shares -- Holdings and Net Purchases by Type of Investor
   Mutual Funds-Summary
   NASDAQ -- Securities Listed and Volume of Trading
   New Security Issues of Corporations by Type of Offering
   Percent Distribution of Amount of Debt Held by Families, by Type and Purpose of Debt and Type of Lending Institution
   Percent of U.S. Households That Use Selected Payment Instruments
   Property and Casualty Insurance -- Summary
   Purchases and Sales by U.S. Investors of Foreign Bonds and Stocks, and by Selected Country
   Ratios of Debt Payments to Family Income
   Real Estate, Rental and Leasing -- Establishments, Employees, and Payroll
   Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing -- Nonemployer Establishments and Receipts by Kind of Business
   Rental and Leasing Services -- Revenue by Kind of Business
   Retail Fees and Services of Depository Institutions
   Sales of Stocks and Options on Registered Exchanges
   Securities Industry -- Financial Summary
   Securities Listed on N.Y. Stock Exchange
   Selected Financial Institutions -- Number and Assets, by Asset Size
   Stock Ownership, by Age of Head of Family and Family Income
   Stock Prices and Yields
   Total Returns of Stocks, Bonds, and Treasury Bills
   U.S. Banking Offices of Foreign Banks -- Summary
   U.S. Holdings of Foreign Stocks and Bonds by Country
   U.S. Life Insurance Companies -- Summary
   Usage of General Purpose Credit Cards by Families
   Volume of Debt Markets by Type of Security
   Volume of Trading on New York Stock Exchange
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