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statistical abstract of the united states
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Section 30

Comparative International Statistics

This section presents statistics for the world as a whole and for many countries on a comparative basis with the United States. Data are shown for population, births and deaths, social and industrial indicators, finances, agriculture, communication, and military affairs.Statistics of the individua  Read more...

   Age Distribution, by Country
   Age of Withdrawal from Labor Force and Retirement Duration
   Annual Percent Changes in Consumer Prices, by Country
   Average Temperatures and Precipitation -- Selected International Cities
   Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Consumption of Fossil Fuels by Country and Projections
   Civilian Employment Population Ratio
   Civilian Employment, by Industry and Country
   Civilian Labor Force, Employment, and Unemployment, by Country
   Commercial Nuclear Power Generation, by Country
   Comparative Price Levels -- Selected OECD Countries
   Dow-Jones World Stock Index by Country and Industry
   Educational Attainment by Country
   Energy Consumption and Production, by Country
   External Debt by Country
   Female Labor Force Participation Rates, by Country
   Fisheries--Commercial Catch by Country
   Foreign Exchange Rates
   Foreign or Foreign-Born Population and Labor Force in Selected OECD Countries
   Foreign Stock Market Activity -- Morgan Stanley Capital International Indexes
   Foreign Stock Market Indices
   Foreign Trade -- Destination of Exports and Source of Imports for Selected Countries
   Gross Domestic Product in Current and Constant (1995) Price Levels by Country
   Gross National Income by Country
   Gross Public Debt, Expenditures, and Receipts, by Country
   Health Expenditures by Country
   Household Tax Burden, by Country
   Income Tax and Social Security Contributions as Percent of Labor Costs
   Index of Industrial Production, by Country
   Indexes of Hourly Compensation Costs for Production Workers in Manufacturing, by Country
   International Economic Composite Indexes, by Country
   International Tourism Receipts -- Leading Countries
   Key Global Telecom Indicators for the World Telecommunication Service Sector
   Labor Productivity and Hours Worked by Country
   Meat Consumption by Type and Country
   Meat Production by Type and Country
   Medical Doctors and Inpatient Care -- Selected Countries
   Military Expenditures and Armed Forces Personnel, by Country
   Motor Vehicle Transportation Indicators for Selected Countries
   Net Electricity Generation by Type and Country
   Net Flow of Financial Resources to Developing Countries and Multilateral Organizations
   Newspapers, Radio, Television by Country
   Participation in Job Related Continuing Education and Training by Country
   Patents, by Country
   Percent Distribution of Tax Receipts, by Country
   Percent of Persons 15 to 24 Years Old Not in Education or at Work by Age Group and Sex
   Population by Continent
   Population by Country
   Reserve Assets and International Transaction Balances by Country
   Selected Environmental Data -- OECD Countries
   Selected Indexes of Manufacturing Activity, by Country
   Selected International Economic Indicators, by Country
   Total World Population
   Unemployment Rates by Country
   United States and Foreign Stock Markets -- Market Capitalization and Value of Shares Traded by Country
   Unmanufactured Tobacco and Cigarettes -- Selected Countries
   Vital Statistics, by Country
   Wheat, Rice, and Corn -- Exports and Imports of 10 Leading Countries
   Wood Products -- Production, Exports, and Consumption for Selected Countries
   World Crop Production Summary
   World Energy Consumption, by Region and Energy Source, and Projections
   World Food Production, by Commodity
   World Primary Energy Consumption, by Region and Type
   World Primary Energy Production, by Region and Type
   World Production of Major Mineral Commodities
   World Summary
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