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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2003 Edition > Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings

Section 12

Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings

This section presents statistics on the labor force; its distribution by occupation and industry affiliation; and the supply of, demand for, and conditions of labor. The chief source of these data is the Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau for the Bureau of Labor St  Read more...

   Annual Indexes of Output Per Hour for Selected NAICS Industries
   Annual Percent Changes in Earnings and Compensation
   Annual Total Compensation and Wages and Salary Accruals Per Full-Time Equivalent Employee, by Industry
   Average Annual Pay, by Selected Metropolitan Areas
   Average Annual Pay, by State
   Average Hourly and Weekly Earnings, by Private Industry Group
   Average Number of Jobs Held
   Characteristics of the Civilian Labor Force by State
   Civilian Labor Force -- Percent Distribution by Sex and Age
   Civilian Labor Force and Participation Rates by Educational Attainment, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Civilian Labor Force and Participation Rates With Projections
   Civilian Labor Force Status, by Selected Metropolitan Area
   Displaced Workers, by Selected Characteristics
   Distribution of Workers by Tenure With Current Employer by Selected Characteristic
   Employed Civilians and Weekly Hours
   Employed Civilians by Occupation -- States
   Employed Civilians, by Occupation, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Employed Persons Using Computers at Work
   Employed Workers Actively Seeking a New Job
   Employees in Nonfarm Establishments -- States
   Employees With Employer- or Union-Provided Pension Plans or Group Health Plans, by Occupation and Selected Characteristic
   Employer Costs for Employee Compensation per Hour Worked
   Employment Cost Index (ECI), by Total Compensation, by Occupation and Industry
   Employment Projections by Industry
   Employment Projections by Occupation
   Employment Status of the Civilian Noninstitutional Population
   Employment Status of the Civilian Population
   Employment Status of Women, by Marital Status and Presence and Age of Children
   Employment, by Industry
   Families With Own Children -- Employment Status of Parents
   Fatal Occupational Injuries by Industry and Event or Exposure
   Fatal Work Injuries, by Event or Exposure
   Federal Minimum Wage Rates
   Full-Time Wage and Salary Workers -- Number and Earnings
   Industries With the Highest Total Case Incidence Rates for Nonfatal Injuries and Illnesses
   Job Search Activity Using the Internet
   Labor Force Participation Rates by Marital Status Sex, and Age
   Labor Force Participation Rates for Wives, Husband Present, by Age of Own Youngest Child
   Labor Force Status of Persons with a Work Disability, by Age
   Labor Union Membership by State
   Labor Union Membership, by Sector
   Marital Status of Women in the Civilian Labor Force
   Mean Hourly Earnings and Weekly Hours, by Metro Area and Selected Nonmetro Areas by Selected Characteristics
   Multiple Jobholders
   Nonfarm Establishments -- Employees, Hours, and Earnings by Industry
   Nonfarm Industries -- Employees and Earnings
   Occupational Injury and Illness Incidence Rates
   Occupations of the Employed, by Selected Characteristics
   Part-Time Workers by Reason
   Percent of Workers With Access to Selected Employee Benefits in Private Industry
   Persons at Work by Hours Worked
   Persons Doing Job-Related Work at Home
   Persons Not in the Labor Force
   Persons on Flexible Schedules
   Persons on Shift Schedules
   Persons With a Job But Not at Work
   Productivity and Related Measures
   School Enrollment and Labor Force Status
   Self-Employed Workers by Industry and Occupation
   Total Unemployed and Insured Unemployed -- States
   Unemployed and Unemployment Rates, by Educational Attainment, Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Unemployed Persons by Sex and Reason
   Unemployed Persons, by Reason of Umemployment
   Unemployed Workers -- Summary
   Unemployment by Occupation, and by Sex
   Unemployment Rates by Industry, and by Sex
   Union Members, by Selected Characteristics
   Work Stoppages
   Worker Deaths, Injuries, and Production Time Lost
   Workers Killed or Disabled on the Job
   Workers Paid Hourly Rates, by Selected Characteristics
   Workers With Earnings, by Occupation of Longest Job Held and Sex
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