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Section 15

Business Enterprise

This section relates to the place and behavior of the business firm and to business initiative in the American economy. It includes data on the number, type, and size of businesses; financial data of domestic and multinational U.S. corporations; business investments, expenditures, and profits; an  Read more...

   American Indian- and Alaska Native-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group
   Asian- and Pacific Islander-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group
   Bankruptcy Cases Filed, by State
   Bankruptcy Petitions Filed and Pending, by Type and Chapter
   Black-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group
   Business Cycle Expansions and Contractions--Months of Duration
   Capital Expenditures
   Comparative Statistics for the United States (1987 SIC Basis)
   Composite Indexes of Leading, Coincident, and Lagging Economic Indicators
   Copyright Registration by Subject Matter
   Corporate Funds -- Sources and Uses
   Corporate Profits Before Taxes by Industry
   Corporate Profits With Inventory Valuation and Capital Consumption Adjustments -- Financial and Nonfinancial Industries
   Corporate Profits, Taxes, and Dividends
   Corporations by Asset Size-Class and Industry
   Corporations by Receipt-Size Class and Industry
   Corporations--Selected Income Statement and Balance Sheet Items
   Economic Census Summary (NAICS Basis)
   Employer Firms, Establishments, Employment, Annual Payroll and Estimated Receipts by Enterprise Size
   Establishments, Employees and Payroll, by Employment-Size Class
   Establishments, Employees, and Payroll by Employment-Size Class and Industry
   Firm Births and Deaths by Employment Size of Enterprise
   Gross Domestic Investment in Current and Real (1996) Dollars
   Gross Product, Employment, and Capital Expenditures of Nonbank U.S. MNC,s, U.S. Parents, and Foreign Affiliates
   Hispanic-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group
   Index of Manufacturing Capacity
   Industrial Production Indexes by Industry
   Major Industries -- Employer Firms, Establishments, Employment, and Annual Payroll by Enterprise Size
   Manufacturing and Trade--Sales and Inventories
   Manufacturing Corporations--Number, Assets, and Profits by Asset-Size
   Manufacturing Corporations--Selected Finances
   Manufacturing, Mining, and Trade Corporations--Profits and Stockholders' Equity, by Industry
   Mergers and Acquisitions, by Industry
   Mergers and Acquisitions--Summary
   Net Stock of Fixed Private Capital by Industry
   Nonbank U.S. Multinational Companies--U.S. Parents and Affiliates by Industry
   Nonemployer Establishments and Receipts by Industry
   Nonfarm Sole Proprietorships--Selected Income and Deduction Items
   Nonfinancial Corporate Business-Sector Balance Sheet
   Number of Returns and Business Receipts by Size of Receipts
   Number of Returns, Receipts, and Net Income by Type of Business and Industry
   Number of Tax Returns, Receipts, and Net Income by Type of Business
   Partnerships--Selected Income Statement and Balance Sheet Items
   Partnerships--Selected Items by Industry
   Patents and Trademarks by Type
   Patents by Industry
   Patents by Type and State
   Small Business Administration Loans to Small Businesses
   U.S. Firms by Race and Hispanic Origin
   U.S. Multinational Companies--Gross Product
   U.S. Multinational Companies--Selected Characteristics
   Venture Capital Commitments, by Source
   Women-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group
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