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Section 21


This section presents summary data for manufacturing as a whole and more detailed information for major industry groups and selected products. The types of measures shown at the different levels include data for establishments, employment and wages, plant and equipment expenditures, value and qu  Read more...

   Aerospace Industry Sales by Product Group and Customer
   Aerospace--Sales, New Orders, and Backlog
   Aluminum--Supply, Shipments, and Foreign Trade
   Average Hourly Earnings of Production Workers in Manufacturing Industries by State
   Broadwoven and Knit Fabrics -- Shipments, Foreign Trade, and Apparent Consumption
   Communication Equipment -- Value of Shipments
   Computers and Industrial Electronics--Factory Shipments
   Computers and Office and Accounting Machines -- Value of Shipments
   Computers and Office and Accounting Machines-- Number of Companies and Shipments
   Consumer Electronics and Electronic Components--Factory Sales, by Product Category
   Cotton, Wool, and Manmade Fibers -- Consumption, by End-Use
   Engines, Refrigeration and Heating Equipment, and Pumps and Compressors -- Value of Shipments
   Finances and Profits of Manufacturing Corporations
   Footwear -- Production, Foreign Trade, and Apparent Consumption
   Glass Containers, Clay Construction Products, and Refractories -- Quantity and Value of Shipments
   Gross Domestic Product in Manufacturing in Current and Real (1996) Dollars by Industry
   Inorganic Chemicals and Fertilizers -- Value of Shipments
   Iron and Steel Industry -- Summary
   Major Household Appliances -- Value of Shipments by Type of Product
   Manufacturers' E-Commerce Shipments and Online Purchasing of Materials by Industry
   Manufactures -- Summary by Industry
   Manufactures -- Summary by State
   Manufactures' Shipments, Inventories, and New Orders
   Manufacturing -- Establishments, Employees, and Annual Payroll by Industry
   Manufacturing Employer Costs for Employee Compensation per Hour Worked
   Manufacturing Establishments, Employment, and Payroll by State
   Manufacturing Full-time Equivalent Employees and Wages by Industry
   Metalworking Machinery -- Value of Shipments by Type of Product
   Mining Machinery and Mineral Processing Equipment -- Companies, Quantity, and Value of Shipments
   Motor Vehicle Manufactures--Employees, Payroll, and Shipments by Major State
   Motor Vehicle Manufactures--Summary by Industry
   Net Orders for U.S. Civil Jet Transport Aircraft by Type of Aircraft and Customer
   Pharmaceutical Preparations -- Value of Shipments by Type of Product
   Ratios of Manufacturers' Inventories to Shipments and Unfilled Orders to Shipments by Industry Group
   Raw Steel, Pig Iron, and Ferroalloys Production
   Selected Instruments and Related Products -- Value of Shipments
   Selected Types of Construction Machinery--Value of Shipments
   Semiconductors, Printed Circuit Boards, and Other Electronic Components -- Value of Shipments by Class of Product
   Steel Products -- Net Shipments, by Market Class
   Tobacco Products -- Production, Consumption, and Expenditures
   U.S. Aircraft Shipments -- Number and Value
   U.S. Exports of Manufactures; Origin of World Exports of Manufactures
   U.S. Machine Tool Consumption--Gross New Orders and Exports
   Value of Manufactures' Shipments, Inventories, and New Orders by Industry
   Value of Manufactures' Shipments, Inventories, and New Orders by Market Grouping
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