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statistical abstract of the united states
All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2002 Edition > Population

Section 1


This section presents statistics on the growth, distribution, and characteristics of the U.S. population. The principal source of these data is the U.S. Census Bureau, which conducts a decennial census of population, a monthly population survey, a program of population estimates and projections, an  Read more...

   Christian Church Adherents and Jewish Population - States
   Cities With 250,000 or More Inhabitants-- Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Groups
   Cities With 250,000 or More Inhabitants-- Selected Racial Groups
   Components of Population Change--Projections
   Demographic and Economic Profiles of Selected Racial and Hispanic Origin Populations
   Families by Number of Own Children Under 18 Years Old
   Families by Size and Presence of Children
   Families by Type, Race and Hispanic Origin
   Family Groups with Children Under 18 Years Old by Race and Hispanic Origin
   Family Households With Own Children Under Age 18 by Type of Family and Age of Householder
   Foreign-Born Population, by Country of Origin and Citizenship Status
   Foreign-Stock Population by Nativity and Parentage
   Households and Persons in Households by Type of Household and Presence of Children
   Households by Age of Householder and Size of Household
   Households, Families, Subfamilies, and Married Couples
   Households--Cities with 250,000 or More Population
   Immigrants Admitted as Permanent Residents Under Refugee Acts, by Country of Birth
   Immigrants Admitted, by Class of Admission
   Immigrants Admitted, by Leading Country of Birth and State
   Immigrants, by Country of Birth
   Incorporated Places by Population Size
   Incorporated Places With 100,000 or More Inhabitants in 2000-- Population and Land Area
   Large Metropolitan Areas--Population
   Living Arrangements of Persons 15 Years Old and Over by Selected Characteristics
   Marital Status of the Population by Sex and Age
   Marital Status of the Population by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Married Couples of Same or Mixed Races and Origins
   Metropolitan and Nonmetropolitan Area Population by State
   Mobility Status of Households by Household Income
   Mobility Status of the Population For Selected One-Year Periods
   Native and Foreign-Born Population by Place of Birth
   Native and Foreign-Born Populations by Selected Characteristics
   Nonfamily Households by Sex and Age of Householder
   Number and Population of Metropolitan Areas by Population Size of Area in
   Persons 65 Years Old and Over--Characteristics, by Sex
   Persons Living Alone by Sex and Age
   Population and Area
   Population in Coastal Counties
   Population in Group Quarters by Sex, Age, and Group Quarters Type
   Population in Group Quarters--States
   Religious Bodies - Selected Data
   Religious Preference, Church Membership, and Attendance
   Resident Population by Age and Sex
   Resident Population by Age and State
   Resident Population by Hispanic or Latino Origin and State
   Resident Population by Race and State
   Resident Population by Sex and Age Group
   Resident Population Projections
   Resident Population Projections by Sex and Age
   Resident Population, by Race and Age
   Resident Population, by Race and Hispanic Origin Status--Projections
   Resident Population, by Race, Hispanic Origin Status and Age--Projections
   Resident Population, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Single Years of Age
   Resident Population, by Region, Race, and Hispanic Origin
   Resident Population--Components of Change for States
   Resident Population--Selected Characteristics and Projections
   Resident Population--States
   Social and Economic Characteristics of the Asian and Pacific Islander Population
   Social and Economic Characteristics of the Hispanic Population
   Social and Economic Characteristics of the White and Black Populations
   State Population - Rank, Percent Change, and Population Density
   Unmarried-Partner Households By Sex Of Partners
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