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statistical abstract of the united states
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Section 19


This section presents statistics on fuel resources, energy production and consumption, electric energy, hydroelectric power, nuclear power, solar energy, wood energyand the electric and gas utility industries. The principal sources are the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Information Ad  Read more...

   Commercial Buildings--Energy Consumption and Expenditures
   Crude Oil and Refined Products -- Summary
   Crude Oil Imports Into U.S., by Country of Origin
   Electric Energy -- Net Generation and Installed Generating Capacity, by State
   Electric Energy Sales, by Class of Service and State
   Electric Utilities-Generation, Sales, Revenue, and Customers
   Electric Utility Industry -- Capability, Peak Load, and Capacity Margin
   Electric Utility Industry -- Net Generation, Net Summer Capability, Generating Units, and Consumption of Fuels
   Electric Utility Sales and Average Prices, by End-Use Sector
   Energy Consumption, by End-Use Sector
   Energy Consumption--End-Use Sector and Selected Source, by State
   Energy Expenditures -- End-Use Sector and Selected Source, by State
   Energy Expenditures and Average Fuel Prices, by Source and Sector
   Energy Imports and Exports, By Type of Fuel
   Energy Prices:
   Energy Supply and Disposition, by Type of Fuel
   Energy Supply and Disposition, by Type of Fuel -- Estimates, 1993 to 1999, and Projections
   Fossil Fuel Prices in Current and Constant (1996) Dollars
   Gas Utility Industry -- Customers, Sales, and Revenues by State
   Gas Utility Industry -- Summary
   Major Investor-Owned Electric Utilities--Balance Sheet and Income Account of Privately Owned Companies
   Major Petroleum Companies -- Financial Data Summary
   Manufacturing Primary Energy Consumption for all Purposes, by Type of Fuel and Major Industry Group
   Nonutility Electric Power Producers--Summary, by Type of Fuel
   Nuclear Power Plants -- Number of Units, Net Generation, and Net Summer Capability by State
   Nuclear Power Plants -- Number, Capacity, and Generation
   Petroleum and Coal Products Corporations -- Sales, Net Profit, and Profit Per Dollar of Sales
   Privately Owned Gas Utility Industry -- Balance Sheet and Income Account
   Renewable Energy Consumption Estimates by Type
   Residential Energy Consumption and Expenditures, by Type of Fuel and Selected Household Characteristic
   Residential Energy Consumption, Expenditures, and Average Prices
   Selected Energy Indicators--Summary
   Solar Collector Shipments, by Type, End-Use, and Market Sector
   U.S. Foreign Trade in Selected Mineral Fuels
   Uranium Supply and Discharged Commercial Reactor Fuel
   Water Power--Developed and Undeveloped Capacity, by Division
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