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Table 721

Black-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group

71,214,662 represents $71,214,662,000. Based on the 1987 Standard Industrial Classification code; see text, this section. Includes individual proprietorships, partnerships and subchapter S corporations. See Appendix III

Black-Owned Firms by Major Industry Group 
All IndustriesAgricultural Services, Forestry, And FishingAll FirmsFirms (number)112,464
Sales And Receipts2417,169
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll277,198
Employees (number)5,457
Firms (number)11,356
Sales And Receipts2259,649
All FirmsFirms (number)1823,499
Sales And Receipts271,214,662
Construction3All FirmsFirms (number)156,508
Sales And Receipts27,712,059
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll21,510,252
Employees (number)70,928
Firms (number)112,973
Sales And Receipts26,587,348
Finance, Insurance, And Real EstateAll FirmsFirms (number)137,934
Sales And Receipts23,088,582
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll2498,318
Employees (number)18,379
Firms (number)14,820
Sales And Receipts22,189,556
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll214,322,312
Employees (number)718,341
Firms (number)193,235
Sales And Receipts256,377,860
Industries Not ClassifiedAll FirmsFirms (number)1101,128
Sales And Receipts24,369,056
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll2487,761
Employees (number)21,853
Firms (number)16,347
Sales And Receipts22,290,545
ManufacturingAll FirmsFirms (number)110,447
Sales And Receipts23,682,510
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll2652,787
Employees (number)26,624
Firms (number)11,931
Sales And Receipts23,463,861
MiningAll FirmsFirms (number)1231
Sales And Receipts221,551
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll25,319
Employees (number)186
Firms (number)116
Sales And Receipts212,867
Retail TradeAll FirmsFirms (number)187,568
Sales And Receipts213,803,266
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll21,497,111
Employees (number)125,480
Firms (number)114,074
Sales And Receipts212,244,399
ServicesAll FirmsFirms (number)1437,646
Sales And Receipts225,925,092
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll28,212,775
Employees (number)388,398
Firms (number)143,529
Sales And Receipts219,503,488
Transportation And Public UtilitiesAll FirmsFirms (number)171,586
Sales And Receipts26,376,645
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll2909,470
Employees (number)47,289
Firms (number)16,184
Sales And Receipts24,252,240
Wholesale TradeAll FirmsFirms (number)18,120
Sales And Receipts25,818,734
Firms With Paid EmployeesAnnual Payroll2471,320
Employees (number)13,746
Firms (number)12,139
Sales And Receipts25,573,907
1 Firms may be classified in more than one industry group.
2 (Thousands of dollars)
3 Includes SIC 6552, Subdividers and developers, formerly included in Real estate.

U.S. Census Bureau, 1997 Economic Census, Company Statistics Series, Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises, Black 1997, Series EC97CS-3.


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