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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2000 Edition > Industrial Outlook > Recent Trends in Organic Chemicals, Except Gum and Wood (SIC 2865, 2869)
Table 1426

Recent Trends in Organic Chemicals, Except Gum and Wood (SIC 2865, 2869)

Recent Trends in Organic Chemicals, Except Gum and Wood (SIC 2865, 2869)1            
Industry DataCapital ExpendituresMil. Dol/1          5,707(NA)5
Production Workers1000/1          70.4(NA)5
Average Hourly EarningsDollar/1          22.70(NA)5
Total Employment1000/1          119.7(NA)5
Value Of Shipments2Mil. Dol/1          83,987(NA)5
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. Dol/1          70,387(NA)5
Product DataValue Of Shipments3Mil. Dol/1          (NA)5(NA)5
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. Dol/1          (NA)5(NA)5
Trade DataMerchandise Trade BalanceMil. Dol/1          1,936838
Value Of ExportsMil. Dol/1          17,59616,081
Value Of ImportsMil. Dol/1          15,66015,243
Industry DataCapital ExpendituresMil. DolPercent Change 35.427.926.43.1-11.1-15.2-12.939.427.6-8.6(NA)5
Production Workers1000Percent Change -0.72.8-0.1-0.3-2.90.7-
Average Hourly EarningsDollarPercent Change
Total Employment1000Percent Change -
Value Of Shipments2Mil. DolPercent Change 17.511.1-1.0-1.8-1.0-
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. DolPercent Change
Product DataValue Of Shipments3Mil. DolPercent Change 21.38.3-0.2-2.8-
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. DolPercent Change
Trade DataMerchandise Trade BalanceMil. DolPercent Change (X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4(X)4
Value Of ExportsMil. DolPercent Change (NA)5(NA)504.3-0.52.817.926.1-8.110.0-8.6
Value Of ImportsMil. DolPercent Change (NA)5(NA)
Industry DataCapital ExpendituresMil. DolCompound Rate          4.2 
Production Workers1000Compound Rate          -0.4 
Average Hourly EarningsDollarCompound Rate          3.6 
Total Employment1000Compound Rate          -0.2 
Value Of Shipments2Mil. DolCompound Rate          3.0 
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. DolCompound Rate          0.5 
Product DataValue Of Shipments3Mil. DolCompound Rate          (NA)5 
Value Of Shipments (1992 Dollars)Mil. DolCompound Rate          (NA)5 
Trade DataMerchandise Trade BalanceMil. DolCompound Rate          (X)4 
Value Of ExportsMil. DolCompound Rate          6.1 
Value Of ImportsMil. DolCompound Rate          11.5 
1 (X) - Not applicable.
2 Value of all products and services sold by establishments in the organic chemicals, except gum and wood industry.
3 Value of products classified in the organic chemicals, except gum and wood industry produced by all industries. wood industry produced by all industries.
4 Not applicable.
5 Not available.

U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, International Trade Administration (ITA), data from U.S. Industry Trade & Outlook 2000 and estimates by ITA.


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