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All Abstracts > Statistical Abstract of the United States > 2000 Edition > Social Insurance and Human Services > 401(k) Plans--Summary
Table 616

401(k) Plans--Summary

10,339 represents 10,339,000. A 401(k) plan is a qualified retirement plan that allows participants to have a portion of their compensation (otherwise payable in cash) contributed pretax to a retirement account on their behalf

401(k) Plans--Summary            
Active Participants1, 210,33911,55913,13115,20317,33719,54819,12622,40423,13826,20628,06130,843
Assets3Percentage Of All Private Defined Contribution Plans3437414752545358586265(NA)5
Benefits3Percentage Of All Private Defined Contribution Plans3535404347515158576264(NA)5
Contributions3Percentage Of All Private Defined Contribution Plans4650536163656469687274(NA)5
Number Of Plans429,86937,42045,05468,12183,30197,614111,314139,704154,527174,945200,813230,808
1 May include some employees who are eligible to participate in the plan but have not elected to join. 401(k) participants may participate in one or more additional plans.
2 Thousands
3 Billions of dollars.
4 Excludes single-participant plans.
5 Not available.

Employee Benefit Research Institute, Washington, DC, EBRI Databook on Employee Benefits, Fourth Edition (copyright).


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